Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Killin’ It

So I’ve begun a new set of programs a few weeks ago at the gym as I mentioned here, I love it.  It’s hard and goes by quickly.  I was at the gym yesterday doing this new program and setting new highs all the way around, fantastic.  I was in pain, my legs did not want to jump anymore, my shoulders where trying to tear themselves out to make the agony stop.  About half way through my work out Jodi and another trainee came over beside me to do their session.  They were doing Tabada stuff (20 seconds on, 10 seconds off) which I could only just register as I went through what I was doing.

I was sweating and grunting and when I was done, I was *done*.  It turned out that she had finished her session at the same time and I made some comment about what a slave driver Jodi is, and how she likes to make things up just to punish people (all in jokes of course).  The girl just gave me that look that was ‘I am dying, right now!  But I feel great!’  I know that look so well.  I give it most of the time when I am done at the gym or a run or anything where I can do better at what I am doing.  I know that is why all my new gym programs are ‘Challenges’, because Jodi know that if she phrases it that way I will kill myself trying to do better each time.

Sometimes I feel ridiculous at the gym because it seems like I’m the only one doing completely off the wall things.  Most folks are on machines, some working hard, some going through the motions, a few guys are lifting weights the equivalent of small cars and a few others are lifting nearly nothing at all.  All these are conventional gym type views.  Here I am along the side wall bending over a BOSU backwards, crunching up and springing into the air, or doing burpees while holding the BOSU or whatever else insane thing Jodi has dreamed up.  I know people on the cybex thing watch (because I have seen them), probably wondering who I upset to have to do something so crazy.

Frankly I like it this way.  Not the stares so much, but the off the wall workouts for sure.  I like doing something hard, and I love doing workouts where the time goes by quickly.  Nothing is more tedious than running a 10K on a treadmill, but I can spend forty minutes cycling through my challenge workout thing and those forty minutes seem like nothing. 

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