Sunday, March 25, 2012

Last Game Of The Season

We played our final game of the season last night at hockey.  The CFL flyers ended the year at 17-6-2, I was 4-1-1 as goalie, and as a skater I scored 8 goals and 48 assists for 56 points.  That is my highest total yet in a season by 10 points.

I had far more assists this year and about half the number of goals when compared to last season (my previous best year).  Part of this may have been that I moved from right wing to left wing this season.  The change in position opened up the ice for me to be able to pass on the forehand which set up a lot of goals for Jeff and Mark, but it also took my stick to the outside of the rink and I don’t have the puck skills to manoeuvre into a better shooting position - yet.  Something to work on for next year definitely.

Last season I only played one game in net for our team, and lost.  This year I played in net six times and ended up with pretty decent numbers, four wins, a loss and a tie.  All four of those wins came against the Living Hope team, and over all I had a .905 save percentage and a goals against average of 3.50.  Not too shabby!

It was our best year as a team, since the first year the league was around.  We tied our high for wins, but I think I might be the only player left from that first version of the team, and really I am a completely different player the last two years since I am in shape now.

It was a great year, I’m a bit sad that hockey is over on Saturday nights now though.  I’m looking forward to next season already!

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