Thursday, March 8, 2012

Spring Is Coming

At least it seems to be in our area as the last two days have seen the mercury climb to over 10C each of the last two days.  It has really going my thinking about what my weekend fitness is going to become.  Hockey only last for another few weeks for me and so my attention will turn fully to the races I have for the summer and getting ready for them.

If you have been following along you know that I am trying to be faster, and progress is being made to that effect but I think what is really going to help me gauge the progress on this front is consistent running times and conditions.  Last summer and fall I did most of my running on Saturday mornings before I did anything and I think that’s the way to go again this year.

I am really enjoying my new programs at the gym too.  It seems odd that I would be since I am nearly dying when I do them, but I think that is what I like.  By the time I have done my 105th squat I’m finished, or doing the 8 minute set of four exercise challenges it takes a huge will to keep on pushing, to increase the amount of things I can get done in the time span.  One of the other trainers at the gym saw me Tuesday and gave that knowing kind of look and smile as I rolled my eyes and grunted doing whichever exercise I was doing.  “Gotta love those plyos’ she said.  “Yeah”, I said between breaths.  With the kind of tone that meant ‘Yeah I’d love these if my muscles were not screaming at me to stop!’.

This bit of interaction got me thinking about gym buddies that both Amber and Marion have talked about in each of their blogs.  I do not think I really have any, especially once I actually get doing my thing.  The old really fast walking guy that Amber talks about does say hi to me any time that I see him, and the one lady at the desk who’s name I can never remember is nice to me, and Jodi and I get along well and prod at one another now and then.  Usually it is me trying to sneak up and tap her on the shoulder and get away before she knows it was me.  But that’s about it.  I don’t go out of my way to talk to people, and pretty much just stick to myself.  I’d be happy to go with people I know to the gym, but if I am at the gym on my own I pretty much just want to get there and do my thing and get out.


  1. come try crossfit :) theres a free trial class at CFK for your first go!

  2. Where and when is this Cross fit thing?

  3. lol I'm sorry I don't mean to push it, I just think it's really exciting reading a blog by someone in PTB. The gyms website with all the info if you're interested is here : and the gym itself is located on st, marys near the corner of high and landsdowne. For your first class they can schedule it pretty much any time of day as long as they don't have a regular class running, but since you're already so fit it's possible they could even have you squeeze into a regular class. If you do wind up doing it I hope to see you there! If not I'm really sorry for pushing it, lol.