Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Close Game

Today we played our annual game at the Peterborough Memorial Centre in an effort to get some support for a local family care place.  Admission was some non-perishable food and it looked like we gathered quite a bit, eight or nine bags of groceries was what I saw, maybe some had already been loaded up though I’m not sure.

We, we being the CFL Flyers, were playing the Calvery Canucks.  They are, when they have all their players, arguably the best team in the league.  I’m not sure what their record is, but we only had six losses and one tie this year going into this game and four of the losses and the tie are against them.

The game started out well for us with Mark who played separately from Jeff and I this afternoon netting the first goal of the game.  Calvery then scored two straight to put them ahead and it was starting to look like they might roll us over a little bit. 

About mid way through the game one of the better Calvery players was just entering our zone when I stripped him of the puck and knocked it directly to Jeff.  He picked it up and broke in out-waiting the goalie until he was sprawled on the ice and then put the puck in to tie up the game.  Shortly thereafter Calvery went ahead again on a bit of a soft goal.  Dean Del Mastro (the areas MP was our goalie) and he played much better than the last time he played for us.

With about ten minutes to go Jeff, CJ and I were able to control the puck for most of the time we were on the ice, I had a shot that fooled the goalie a bit and he dropped it, but no one could get to the rebound.  Finally on a faceoff Jeff won the battle for the puck, I put it toward the net, CJ got that rebound and shot,and Jeff picked up the puck and scored to tie the game!

We were able to keep the pressure up, but were unable to break the tie even though Regan got robbed on a beautiful chance that was headed for the top right corner of the net.

It was a great exciting game and a lot of fun.

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