Friday, February 4, 2011

The Best Steak I Ever Ate

This past fall I got married, before the big event my friend Matt took me to dinner in Toronto to a place called Barberian's Steak House.  This was without a doubt the best steak I have ever eaten and likely will remain standing on the top of that list for a very long time.

The restaurant is amazing, the decor and furnishing all very tasteful and classic.  This is not the type of place with loud music, TV's everywhere and table tops you can draw on.  The service was also impeccable, they knew that Matt and I were there to enjoy a meal together and while everything was taken care of with the utmost detail the staff were just a part of the whole scene.

The steak was incredible!  I got rib steak and where so many places you go they cook your steak wrong or you need sauce of some sort or horse radish just to make the meat palatable, this was a thing of beauty.  Cooked perfectly and not requiring so much as a single grain of salt to make it perfect.

It was costly, but this level of cuisine and service makes it worth every cent.  I have been to quite a few steak houses both here in Canada and in the US and even on our last cruise, none of them come even close to the amazing steak I had at Barberian's.

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