Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hockey Tournament

I am up at the ridiculous hour because I am going to play in a hockey tournament in Marmora today.  It will be the first tournament I will have played in since 1998.  Back then I was a terrible hockey player as mentioned here.  I only remember a few things about that tournament, I played defense because there was not way I’d be able to skate hard enough as a forward and keep up with the games for a whole day.  I tore my hockey pants on the latch for the bench door.  I was going out on the ice for my shift and got caught and put a nice big rip in the leg of the pants, luckily they were used when we got them so it wasn’t that huge of a deal. And it was a lot of fun to be there playing hockey with my friends and my dad and spending time in between with my girlfriend at the time.

This time will be a fairly different experience I think.  I’ll be having fun playing with the guys from my usual Saturday night team, but Amber can’t come due to work, and I can actually play well enough to contribute more to the team than simply being a warm body.

I intend to take my phone and do some blogging through the day to keep the masses informed, so that will be kind of fun to be player and reporter.

Also, and this would be totally awesome, the guy that put the tournament together is trying to get some media coverage to be part of Hockey Day in Canada!  If your watching the whole thing today and then mention Marmora, Ontario, look for me!  Our team will be wearing the Living Hope Leafs sweaters so they are blue – I’m going to try and snag #9 to wear.  I pains me to have to wear anything associated with the Leafs in any way.  But for the team I will do it.

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