Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Basic Guide to Superheroes Part I

As many people know I am a fan of many different superheroes.  I was wearing a Flash t-shirt the other day that was mistaken for a Captain Marvel logo as the person commented “Shazam!”

Amber often stares at me puzzled as I explain that there have been three different Robins, or describe who the Green Lantern is.

So here is a very basic guide to the superheroes that I like, this information is not to be taken as definitive as I am sure someone is going to comment or email that I have some detail or another wrong due to some mega-comic event.



Batman is my personal favourite.  Billionaire Bruce Wayne, saw his parents gunned down in front of him as a child.  He then vows to be a scourge on crime so that others don’t suffer the same fate.  Years of education, training and general commitment to learning anything and everything enable him to be Batman.  I think I like Batman best because he’s just a guy, with drive and resources.  He’s got a cool car and a penchant for putting “Bat” in front of all his gadgets (Batmobile, batarang, Batplane, Batcave etc…)



Robin is Batman’s sidekick, originally it was Dick Grayson, who the general populace knows as Robin, he was on the old Adam West TV show, and the horrid Joel Schumacher Batman movies (Batman Forever and Batman & Robin).  Eventually Dick grew up and moved on to become Nightwing.  Taking his place as Robin was Jason Todd.  Everyone and their dog hated Jason as Robin.  Fans voted that he should die, and so The Joker killed him, brutally, as is his way.  Then Tim Drake took up being Robin, and finally Robin wore pants.



As mentioned Dick Grayson got tired of playing second fiddle to Batman and became his own superhero.  In the style of Batman he’s a great detective, beats the tar out of people twice his size and is generally awesome.  Dick has even had a few stints being Batman.



Comes from Krypton originally named Kal-El, goes by Clark Kent when not in his long undies, lifts heavy things, flies, punches things.  Seriously, if you don’t know what Superman’s deal is, get out from under your rock.

Some people think Batman and Superman are friends, even Superman.  From what I have read, they are not, Batman actually doesn’t really like Sups and thinks he’s a big tool.

Wonder Woman


Apparently there is going to be a new live action Wonder Woman TV show, that should be nifty, I hope.  Now WW wears a leather jacket and generally looks a bit more threatening.

She’s an Amazon, from Themyscira, an island of only women.  Her powers are magical (which means she can whup Superman if need be), her lasso makes you tell the truth and she has an invisible plane.

Part II later.

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  1. some people will never understand how Clark can change to superman