Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Basic Guide to Superheroes Part II

If you have not yet read Part I, do so here.

The Flash


There has been three guys as The Flash as well, the guy I think of when I think of The Flash is Wally West (for others it will be Barry Allen).  I think Wally comes to mind because that’s who was The Flash when he was on the mid-90’s Superman cartoon.  Basically The Flash runs really freaking fast, so fast it causes whirl winds and he can run across water and vibrate his way through solid objects (I think that’s a new power).  Main villains include Gorilla Grod, Mirror Master and The Weather Wizard.

The Green Lantern


There are Many Green Lanterns, from all over the universe (also many other coloured Lanterns it turns out), the Green Lantern of the Title has been a few different guys, but most people think Hal Jordan when they think Green Lantern.  He was a test pilot, found a dying Green Lantern that had crashed on earth and got hold of the Green Lantern ring.  The ring basically gives you the power to make real whatever you imagine through like solid light or something.  Want to beat eggs?  Imagine a blender and there it is, how about deflecting bullets?  Imagine a shield.  Want to take down a girl’s number but there is no writing surface to keep your pen from poking through the only scrap paper you have?  Imagine a desk.

The Green Arrow


Oliver Queen is from Star City and is super rich and inventive like Bruce Wayne is.  Of what I know of the Green Arrow Ollie ended up getting stranded on an island by some corporate pirates or something, he developed his bow shooting skills and athleticism in order to catching things to eat and stay away from predators respectively.  He has all kinda of arrows, ones that explode, ones with nets on them and ones with boxing gloves on them even.  He has a sidekick, Speedy.

Black Canary


I’ve only seen Black Canary on Batman the Brave and the Bold a few times, and I don’t know much other than she yells really loud and that’s her super power. Easy on the eyes too.

Captain Marvel


The whole reason I did these two posts.  The Big Red Cheese was originally a Marvel Comics character and DC was like ‘What the hell? Could you rip off Superman any more?” Lawsuits ensued and now Captain Marvel is a DC guy.  He’s kind of cool though, typically he’s just a boy, Billy Batson, and after meeting a wizard is granted the Abilities of gods when he says a magic word.  SHAZAM. Lightning comes down and strikes him transforming him from a boy to Captain Marvel, he says it again to call down lightning and change back.

S - for the endless wisdom of Solomon
H - for the legendary strength of Hercules
A - for the stamina and might of Atlas
Z - for the overwhelming power of Zeus
A - for the courage and invulnerability of Achilles
M - for the peerless speed and power of flight of the god Mercury

My first introduction to Captain Marvel was in Kingdom Come, a fantastic story.  Totally worth a read.


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