Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An Update

Hello Blog Readers,

Noticed how I put your name with capitals?  Doesn't that make you feel important?  It should!

I have a couple of updates for you which I am sure you may have noticed.

There are ads on the sides of the blog now.  Click them if they interest you!  I get money for it, real honest money, how cool would that be to be able to use this space to fund more adventures to write about?  It would be very cool, so please click the ads, and let the page load up.  Thanks.

Also I hope I have made it easier to leave comments, something weird about this site you have to submit your comment like 10 times before it goes through, or it used to anyways, I turned off pretty much every safety on the comments section so maybe it will be easier to leave comments.  You don't have to be registered or anything anymore.  I like reading comments so please leave some!

And now to your regularly scheduled postings.

The Management

PS - Click the ads, leave a comment!


  1. yeh I never left a comment even tho I have a blogger account cause I'm too lazy to sign in. Now I'm gonna comment on everything! HAHA

  2. I want 10% everytime I click an add or no deal