Saturday, February 12, 2011

That’s How You Do That!

The final game of the day was by far the best, both for evenness of play and for the excitement in general.

It was decided at the start of the game that Jeff, Mark and I would not be on a line together.  Jeff and Mark were together and I was on a different line.  The scoring was low, but the chances were numerous for both sides.  Living Hope scored first and the score stay at 1-0 for a long time. with about 20 minutes left in the game Living Hope scored again and made it 2-0.

It was then that we decided on the bench to reunite Jeff Mark and I and that was the catalyst that ignited our team.  After we had a strong shift where we hemmed Living Hope in there in for most of the time Brian, Todd and Logan came on and Brian scored on a beautiful snap shot.

After that the tide turned and Jeff Mark and I dominated most of our shifts after that.  Some hard work by the 3 of us and Mark got the next two goals, the final one with only about 2 minutes remaining in the game.

We won 3-2 in the end and it was a fantastic finish to a great day of hockey!  Thanks to the people that came out to watch the game at the Memorial Centre, apparently it took the whole time we were on the ice to load up all the food that ended up getting donated!

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