Thursday, February 10, 2011

Take Pride In What You Do

Things worth doing take effort.  Real, concerted, substantial, effort.

If things in life all came easy everyone would be a triple university graduate, with millions in their bank accounts and slam dunk basketballs while hitting a home run and scoring on a breakaway.

The effort you put into things is what is required to get the reward at the end.  That reward can be physical, mental, academic or even the high score on Tetris in a long standing back and fourth competition with your dad (that’s a whole other post though).

This premise is even more important I think in a group dynamic where many people are looking to achieve the same end result, possibly at the same time but not necessarily. If everyone is putting in time and effort and one person does not, should it even be plausible that the one gets the same reward in the end?  I think it is unfair to receive the same outcome if I’m not willing, or even able, to put in the same effort as everyone else.  It is an unfair position to put the powers that be in to ask that question, and it is unfair to all the people that are working hard to get to their goal.

I understand that things happen that may in one circumstance or another prevent someone, at no fault of their own, from reaching a goal.  But really how satisfied could you be to be handed something while skipping out on half the work when everyone around you who has achieved the same goal had to do weeks of extra work – the required amount of work really.  And not only that, but to be upset about being denied the possibility of that is hurtful to everyone else that is putting in the effort and commitment.

Take pride in the effort you are putting forward, it is that kind of attitude that gets you places in the end.

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