Friday, February 11, 2011

The Menu at Chez Chris

I like food.  Wait scratch that, I LOVE food and one of the hardest things to change when losing weight was my diet.  But I did, and now thankfully that my metabolism is constantly in a higher gear I can eat a few of the things that I had to avoid so strongly while I lost weight.

However I have always liked cooking and so it was kind of fun to learn new things to make that would satisfy my new food intake and to discover that a few of the things I liked to make so much still fit in there, just in smaller portions.

I’ve had 4 or 5 people ask me about what I eat, or what I ate to lose weight so I thought this week’s Friday post would be about what’s typically on the table at home, or if I have the time to cook (which hopefully will be sometime soon).


Typically my breakfast is so simple it’s boring, cereal and then english muffin with PB and jam.  Woo!  it is yummy to be sure, but not that exciting.

Amber makes really good pancakes once in a while, usually I cannot be bothered because it’s so much mess.  One thing I really like for breakfast is Michael Smith’s Breakfast Bake, bread, eggs, cheese and ham or sausage all piled into a casserole dish and baked till golden on top – but Amber and I almost never have breakfast together due to schedules and to make it for one person makes no sense.  So yummy and if eaten in the right proportions pretty good for you too!

My breakfast specialty is something I learned to make while camping and you only have on pan, it’s nothing too amazing, but scrambled eggs with ham and cheese cooked right in with the eggs.  so simple and yet so satisfying, served with toast of course.


Lunch when I am at placement or school is usually a sammich, at home is actually usually a sammich too, but with cottage cheese on the side and a cut up tomato and some sort of dessert type snack thrown in there too.  Sometimes it will be a mini version of what I make for dinners but we’ll get to that.

Other common things for lunch are stirfrys, even though they charge way too much at Fleming for food, I often got the stirfry when it was being sold.  Simply Thai in Peterborough Square makes a mean stirfry and I love it!
Subway is also something I eat a lot of, 6 inch subs and a bag of chips is a pretty tasty lunch (and only about 530 calories)


Dinner is where the real excitement is at our place.  This semester we are not getting to eat together too often because of scheduling, but there are several things that get made at dinner that I really look forward to.

Some of my favourite mains at dinner:

Lamb chops
Pasta with Shrimp, broccoli and Alfredo sauce
Fish (usually salmon) with rice and veggies
Chicken breast, broiled, or cooked in a pan
Burgers, especially during the summer
Amber’s Hawaiian Meatballs

One of the things that pretty much got replaced when I was loosing weight and has seemed to stick was ground beef for ground chicken, it’s about 1/2 the calories and if you are putting lots of other things in with it I find it tastes just as good in a pasta or on a burger, clearly not beef, but still great!

Sides are usually a starch and a veg.  Rice and potatoes are common, corn, mixed frozen veggies, peas, carrots are usually there.  One item we got from watching Hell’s Kitchen is parsnip puree.  It’s so good! Especially with lamb, it has kind of a pepperminty taste that compliments the lamb so well.

I think my favourite dinner is Lamb, parsnip and some other veg.

I think an important thing to note here is that when losing weight I did cut out a lot of dessert type things and snacking, but when it came to meals it was about portion control.  We did drop ground beef almost completely in exchange for ground chicken, but other than that I ate regular dinners, just with controlled sizes (no going back for seconds).

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