Saturday, April 13, 2013

Home Gym

I have begun to amass the equipment needed for a bit of a home gym.  I don’t have an idea spot for it yet as we have a tenant down in our basement but sometimes you just have to make due.  The garage is me making due.  See earlier in the year the garage door on ‘my’ side stopped working (inside a garage door opener the gears are plastic!)  And while it’s totally fixable, I don’t have the money to pay someone to do it, or the skills to do it myself, or really even the need to be sure my car is parked inside.  Since winter is (hopefully) over, there really is no point to parking in the garage anyways.

Last fall I picked up for free a bunch of the old cement and plastic weights.  Back when I lived at home we had these and I actually spent one summer working out with them.  My dad still has them and uses them I believe.  Then just two weekends ago I picked up some more and a weight bench so that I could do bench presses at home.



Problem is I needed a space to do all that.  So I spent some time last weekend cleaning out my side of the garage and making it a bit more useable.  We have quite a bit of junk back there that was left here by other people when my Grandma had the house.  My Aunt before we took possession asked people to come get their things, and then we even had a huge yard sale.  So I’m just going to be chucking this stuff out.  I’m still in the process of setting up the place, and I’ll be getting some of the puzzle mat things that we used to have on the karate club floor to use as the mat part so that I can do crunchies and other ab work on the floor without being on cement.

This morning I made use of my partially finished home gym for the first time.  Since all I would be doing at the gym is bench press and pull ups I did that here with a little bit more of a warm up since I had the time.  I bench pressed on the bench naturally, then did my pull ups on the garage door rails, some box jumps, jumping jacks, push ups and crunchies on the bench.  I followed all that up with a 2k run.


Clean, but not done

I didn’t have to leave home at 7 to get to the gym in time enough to be able to do all this and then get to karate, in fact since I saved the time driving is why I had the time to do the short little run.  I think this is really going to be a great thing!  It will be even better when it’s not just barely above the freezing mark when I am out doing it too!


Floor in, but too dark for a good picture



A little cluttery in the back still, but good!

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  1. Very cool gym, it's all you need really as it's amazing what exercises you can achieve with body weight and a few basic weights. I'm very jealous, I would love the day to come where my husband and I have saved enough money to have a house big enough for a home gym area!