Friday, April 26, 2013

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!!

On my mind since running 16.6k two Mondays ago has been ‘Let’s get this half marathon over with!’ I want to run it, I want to be done with it.  I’m not really certain why exactly I am feeling like this about the whole thing.  I think part of it is just to silence the sceptic inside my head about whether or not I’m actually able to do this.

I was talking with my friend Tara the other day and she mentioned that she was doing a half marathon and the day before she was going to do nothing much at all, her information had lead her to believe that like walking around a lot even was discouraged.  My plan was to ride my bike on Saturday if the weather is nice.  Is that simply because I don’t know better?  Am I setting myself up to fail?

It might just be showing how under-informed I am about running in general.  And really so far I think ignorance, is bliss.  Currently all I have to know is whether my body is tired or not.

I am going to figure out a way to carry a wee bit of water along with me, but I am running when it’s nice and cool, Sunday’s high is only 20C so I figure I should be fine.  I have figured out my route too.


It’s probably the easiest route I could find, along a trail and river, so that it’s fairly flat and at best downhill slightly on the way back, if it’s windy the trees on the trail will shelter me most of the time too.  If my attitude for activity is not quite right on the day before, at least I have chosen a route that is ready for success.

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