Saturday, April 6, 2013

When Is The Weekend Not The Weekend?

When you have to go to the head office of work and take a CPR course for the whole Saturday!

I’m so not a fan of giving up my days off to do mundane work type things.  Sure send me to a conference where I’m learning something exciting and new and stuff, but to re-up my CPR is not fun.  Boo.

However in exciting news I won a Shigeru Miyamoto autographed copy of Luigi’s Mansion from Nintendo of America!  They had a contest on twitter that asked people to send in their favourite Luigi memories.  I have two. 

Back in the day I used to play Super Mario Bros. a LOT, and on my own.  I liked Luigi’s green and white better than Mario’s red and brown so I used to start up a two player game, and then kill off Mario just so I could play as Luigi!.  I have done this on many, many different Mario games as well.  My other memory involves actual people and competition though.  When I was 21-22 I lived in an apartment with three other guys, we played a lot of Super Smash Bros. Melee on the Gamecube.  It was general consensus that Ian and I were the best players in the house, he with Link and me with Luigi.  During one particularly epic battle, we were both down to our last man, both highly damaged and were contesting a a little piece of space on the back of the Great Fox (from Star Fox).  Link was trying to reach back up to the stage, and did a spinning sword slash to try to make some room.  I jumped backward with Luigi, the blade narrowly missing his face and then SMACK, knocked Link into oblivion.  Victory and bragging rights for the night were mine!


Once I get the signed game I’ll show you guys, should be pretty cool!

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