Sunday, April 14, 2013

WCP Race

So a few months ago I had the idea of the WCP International Race weekend. The time is nearly upon us!  This morning however I woke up to snow on the ground, again, and I got to thinking that I really have not had the amount of time to train outside that I have wanted, and the weather sucks.  The training thing I can get over, I set my own date for the race, I did a whole lot of running early in the year inside to get ready, I can run the distance.

The weather thing I am SO NOT a fan of.  I guess I thought about last year’s March where I wore t-shirts half the time and figured that late April would be fine this year.  It does not seem that way.  The whole Idea of Race At Your Own Place was to have race day be enjoyable!  Well as enjoyable as it can be when you are setting out to complete a race distance that challenges you.

I propose this change to the admittedly very loose rules of the WCP Race Weekend.

I think we should change it to race weekends! Having multiple weekends should ensure that, the weather gets a bit warmer here in Canada, and since I have not mentioned this on here since the announcement give some more people some more time to join in, and an week of training if they want.  Or run your distance each of those weekends and take the best time!  Oh I like that.  Gives people an opportunity to discard a race where they have a shoe explode or something.

All in favour?  *raises hand*  All opposed? *none* by a vote of 1-0 I accept!

The WCP International Race Weekends are:

April 26-28

May 3-5

Bib download to follow later today on this post and on the Facebook event page.



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