Monday, April 29, 2013

Friend Making Monday–ABC’s Of Me

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FMM: ABC’s of Me

A) Apples I think are my favourite fruit, golden delicious to be precise.

B) Batman is my favourite superhero.  No powers, just inventiveness and will power!

C) Christopher is my full first name, I never use it, too long.  My mom used to use it when she was really mad at me!

D) Dad rides his bike forever almost every day, I asked him once if he was going to do the ride to cure cancer, he said it was ‘pretty short’ and he doesn’t know enough people to raise $2500.

E) Exercise is something I have come to love, to crave.  I’m always excited to get to working out.

F) Females, I have been told, give me looks now and then.  Amber notices, I don’t.

G) Gravity is one law I wish I could break!

H) Heat is my enemy, summer is coming and I not looking forward to July and August.

I) Ice cream is the perfect treat after a summer bike ride.

J) Just get out there and do it, is something I have come to live by.  Excuses are for the weak.

K) Karate is awesome, it’s been the source for change in my health and fitness and provided me with a wealth of amazing friends.

L) I don’t play the lottery very often, but I always daydream about what I would do with all that cash.

M) Money, they say, is the root of all evil.  But it sure would solve a LOT of my problems if I won the lottery

N) I’ll likely never give up video games, I like them too much.

O) I open for the daycare pretty much every single day.  I’d hard to be up and at work by 7am, but I get to leave at 4 and I love that.

P) Paintball season is almost here!  I can’t wait to shoot people, and get shot!

Q) I love quite time at daycare, when everyone is engaged with things and just chattering.

R) Running can be great and it can be torture.  I’m hoping to just run shorter distances for a long time now!

S) Superman will always be second to Batman in my mind, but I am seriously looking forward to the Man of Steel movie!

T) T-rex always seems to be the kids favourite dinosaur!

U) Uxbridge is the town I can my first race ever in, the Mudnewton, I’m not doing that race this year.

V) Victory is something I crave in my own personal challenges, If work for it can push to achieve it!

W) Water is Ashley’s favourite drink at work, I think it’s boring!

X) X-ray vision could come in handy!

Y) You can do anything you put your mind to.  Many people get that advice when they are younger, but too few people pay attention to it.

Z) The Toronto Zoo run is something I’d like to do, maybe the animal cheer people on?  Maybe they release the cheetahs after the race starts to help people get faster times!

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  1. Ok Mr. wearing a tiara is fun, hahaha.
    Batman is BY FAR a superior super hero but I agree on the Superman Movie,can't wait.
    I wish I could drink more water...I don't care for it :(

    Stopping by from FMM

  2. haha oops, skipped that one.. I have done it for the little ones at daycare though

  3. Hey there! Just nominated you for a blogger award. Congrats!

    Lisa :)

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