Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I’m still healing up from my run on Sunday, my Achilles on my left foot is still very tight. I was limping around a bit on Monday and now I’m just sort of being careful not to stretch it too far.  I took my RMTs advice yesterday and got some ice on it to calm down the inflammation last night.

I’m annoyed that I hurt myself running, especially running that long distance that I didn’t even enjoy!

Of course I also worked out last night, actually with Sarah, in the garage, doing my usual (current) mid week workout, Bear Complex, Thrusters, Squats, Pull ups, Dips, Bench Press, Curls and 200 Abs!  It was a great, quick workout.  I’m hoping that I can run again by next week and we can take a trip up to the school yard and work out on the monkey bars and stuff too, that would be cool!

I’ve also been nominated for another Blogger award!


Wonderful Team Member Readership Award

I’m supposed to put up here My finish to the sentence A Wonderful reader is:

A wonderful reader is…  Someone who interacts!

I really like when people comment on here or on Facebook, or on my twitter, I think the comments can make for just as good reading as the actual blog!

I’m short on time at the moment – have to get to work, But I’ll send out a few nominations later on today or tomorrow!


  1. Hi Chris! What are you doing your dips with--when you work on in your garage??? I'd sure love to do dips at home but I don't have any parallel bars to do them. Do you make some??? If so, I'm very interested. :D

    Sorry about your injury. It sort of sucks that you didn't even like running that far, but learned that lesson later than your injury. But this wisdom is going to save you from future injures. As you get older (like me!), injuries are just so much easier to get and slower to recuperate from. It's great you're getting some safety wisdom now.

    :-) Marion

    1. I just do dips from my weight bench, so not true full body weight ones, but it's all I have out there for now