Sunday, May 12, 2013

Two Weeks

That is how long it has been since I have run anywhere.  That half marathon that I was told by so many that I could just up and do put me on the shelf for two whole weeks.  Now to be fair I still rode my bike and worked out and all that, but I couldn’t run.

There is an important lesson in here somewhere, and I think that lesson for me is, if I am going to do something that ridiculous again, I need to train for it better.  The other lesson is ‘know your limitations’.  If running a long way really sucks for you, why endeavour to do it? I like running 5k or 10k, every time I would get over the 12k mark or so my enjoyment dropped like a stone, and it was more of a ‘how much pain can I endure?’ type of thing. 

My mind was willing, my heart and lungs were willing, my joints and ligaments were what was fighting me.  The good thing now is that I can say I have done it, in under two hours at that, and I never have to do it again!

So how have I recovered?  I followed some advice from my RMT and iced it during the first week, then I got a massage the following Saturday, that helped a lot.  I went to the chiropractor just Monday past and she stripped my calf and soleus muscle.  I have never willingly been put through that much pain!  Am I healed 100%?  Hmmm I’d say maybe 95%, the muscles and tendons are a bit stiff and need to be stretched and there is some pain involved in that, but it’s getting there.

I’m going to run today, just 5k and see how it responds.  I am hoping favourably so that I can resume my usual workout schedule, though only being able to ride my bike has been pretty great too!

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  1. Hi Chris! You're quite young yet, but I just talked to two guys my age at the gym about this yesterday, and us people in our 40's need a LOT of safety rules for fitness. We are just more prone to injury. So the fact that you are learning this point at your age might save you from a lot of future injuries. Again, us older people know that each major injury causes little joint pains as it ages. So be smart--like you're saying above--to do preventative action about this.

    :-) Marion