Friday, May 17, 2013

Play Ball!

Amber found a mixed 3-pitch league for us to join and I was happy to be in on this for a couple of reasons.  A) We would be playing together and B) I figured that 3-pitch would be more fun than the slo-pitch that I played a couple of summers ago.

Amber mentions in her blog the concerns I had about our team when the captain arrived, more than half in the bag, and probably a little baked.  Our scorekeeper, her boyfriend, was also hammered and while the rest of us were able to keep batting orders straight and such it was a bit annoying for him to be perpetually confused.  It was also kind of fun though.  I only have one other team experience to compare this all to in my adult years though, hockey, and Todd runs a pretty smooth ship at hockey and all the guys that are on our team are generally my kind of people, so it was a bit to get used to.

Amber got a hit her first at bat, I was proud but not surprised as in 3-pitch you pitch to your own team.  I got up and ended up striking out my first at bat, Amber will agree it was because the pitches were terrible – this made me a bit surprised that she got a hit!

The game continued, hits, catches all that stuff.  My next at bat the bases were loaded, and we had a different guy pitching.  He put it right in my wheelhouse and I really tagged it! Over the fence! Grandslam! I haven’t hit a ball over the fence in like 21 years! (of course in those 21 year I have only played a dozen games of baseball, and the last time I did it, the rule was that you were out!)  Either way it was awesome!  My other at bat of note I hit it to the fence at center field and got a triple, then sprinted home on the next batter.  I was 2/4 at the plate.

At the usual time for the game to be over it was 13-13 and we all decided to play one more inning and we ended up winning.  I said to Amber ‘See isn’t it more fun to win?’  She disagrees, she was just happy to play, I was too honestly.  I find baseball to be a sport were you just do your best and hope for a good outcome, when I am playing hockey though you are actively competing for the object you need to score with, and so it’s more competitive for me.  Ball is a good sport then for Amber and I to play together as no matter the score last night, I had a good time and would not have been bent out of shape if we had lost (she seems to think otherwise).

It was a good night, and I hope future weeks are even better!  Next week we might ride bikes over since we play the 6:30 game that would be fun too, and a good warm up to not pull muscles when running!

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