Thursday, May 2, 2013

Out For A Ride

With my ankle still sore from the Sunday half marathon I decided today that I would ride my bike after work, as long as it didn’t hurt too much.  It turns out that it didn’t hurt at all and so I would saw I had my first real bike ride of the year.  I wasn’t wearing gloves, or earmuffs, no hoodies or track pants either.  Just shorts and a shirt.  It was great.

I had an hour to ride because I had to be back in time to eat dinner eat a reasonable time.  It was great, the wind was a bit against me on the way out from my place heading toward Peterborough, but that was ok since I knew it would be at my back on the way home.

Riding a real bike outside is so, So, SO much better than riding a stationary bike, you see lots of interesting things and hear the birdies, the terrain changes and you have to adjust your gears and cadence.  Much more of an interactive experience than peddling away watching the seconds tick by and hoping something interesting will be on the TV at the gym.

imageI love that my top speed is over 40 Km/h!!  My fastest kilometre was done in 1:43! Woo!

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