Thursday, May 23, 2013

Motivational Speaker

Today I had the chance at an experience that I never really saw myself doing.  One of the schools that Amber teaches at asked me, way back in the fall, to come in and speak to about half the school about running.

Even right up until I got the request I wouldn’t have figured that would be something I would ever do, or even be asked to do.  Apparently people find me and my story motivational, who am I to argue really?

I spent the last couple of weekend setting aside some time to come up with a script of what I was going to talk about.  I had to fill about 50 minutes, and so I knew I just couldn’t get up there in front of about 70 kids (it’s a small school) and say “Running is great” and call it a day.

I started off just talking about how I used to be out of shape, and what my motivation was to get into shape, my journey through karate, and the valuable lessons I have learned there.  I moved into how I got into shape, and what it took to do that and then outlined some of the races I have done like Mudnewton, Warrior Dash, Run For Your Lives, and KMs For Care.

I was pretty nervous at first, I’m used to talking to a room full of 3-5 year olds at daycare, or 30 some people at karate, but 60-70 people was a lot of people to talk to!  I got over it pretty quick and settled in and eventually I was hopping around with my shoe off describing my experience at Warrior Dash, and monkey walking showing how I went through the mud pits.

It was really great, and I was humbled to see all these kids looking at me and my experiences in awe and wonder.  the biggest compliment for sure after was learning that one of the kids who usually doesn’t participate in things went and signed up for their run club right there on the spot after I was done speaking.  What fantastic news!  I couldn’t have imagined anything better than that, actually motivating and inspiring someone to get out there and run and get fit!

(If you want to see the whole text of my talk just let me know)


  1. Hi Chris! Sounds like you did an excellent job! You actually got results--you know, the kid signing up. I always thought you'd be great at being a motivational speaker.

    :-) Marion

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