Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Workin’ Out

Marion over at Affection For Fitness was posting some workout pictures the other day and I mentioned that I have not really done that.  She said “Why not?” I figured yeah, why not.  So here are some pictures from last night.  The lighting is not all that great as it was a bit of a dreary day and there are, as of yet, not overhead lights in the garage.


The gym itself, the floor needs a bit of a wash I think now.


Bench Press, I only have about 130 pounds on it, but that’s probably actually better for me than the 160 I was lifting at the gym since I can come all the way down to my chest with this weight, and do 5 sets of 15.


Pull ups on the rails of the garage door, a little blurry.


The squat part of the bear complex


Bent over row, I could use a bit more weight, but it’s simply for convenience really so I don’t have to change weights all over the place and I can just do the work out.

Maybe I’ll have to get a few more that aren’t in motion, but these were a bit more authentic since they aren’t posed for or whatever.

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  1. Hi Chris! Well, you look very fit, as I know you are. You have had running pics up, which I think reflects you very well in personality. I think you'd probably be best in a video.

    And you found out how very hard it is to take fitness photos. I had to pose while holding down 181 pounds for about 45 seconds! And I held standing splits for over 5 minutes before we got a good photo. I was cranky beyond belief! And during the bench press photos, I held the bar at different heights for photos, which is why they turned out without blur. I also did my dips in super slo-mo. It was weird to say the least. They are not as "natural" as they look!!! :D

    :-) Marion