Sunday, June 2, 2013


So I posted pictures the other day that my friend took with her iphone, they were not great, but the low light levels did not help.  Yesterday I took some more pictures with just me and the timer and some video as Marion suggested.  Here are the results.


Bench press, I assume it’s about 130 pounds, I don’t know how much the bar weighs here at home.


Curls, with 20 pounds, You gotta work with what you have.  I just made set weights since I don’t have too many and I didn’t want to be changing then around all the time.


Pull ups, you can actually see how much I flex the rails on the garage doors in these pictures!


In the video I made I was just sitting down to do skull crushers and noticed this moment.  I’d say my triceps look pretty good.

The video is linked below, it’s nothing special really, just me doing most of these things.

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  1. Hi Chris! Very Awesome pics!

    Yes, these are WAY better pics, and I was right about the video--it displays your fitness much better. Some of it is about personality too. So you find those random pics in the middle like your tricep one, which shows something that the exercise itself does not.

    :-) Marion