Saturday, June 8, 2013

The O Course

This morning, in Toronto, I will be doing(?), running(?) The O Course.  Yeah I had never heard of it either until rock climbing/running away from zombies pal Tara tricked me into signing up for it over a month ago.  She craftily told me that there was some obstacle race/training course for the low, low price of $30!

I didn’t look into it much at the time, but signed up all the same.  Now it’s the morning of and I have been awake since about 3:30! Ugh.  I’m sort of glad I didn’t find a place to sleep in Toronto now, because it would be so boring to be awake in someone else’s house since that time! It’s boring enough here when you have to be quiet!

So, what’s The O Course? Well there is a 45 minute warm up, were you do a whole pile of stuff while holding a 2 foot long 4x4 it looks like. and then you go out and do like a race, most of the time carrying said post.  Then you pull tires up out of the water, and do monkey bars, and hop over a wall and crawl in the sand with a backpack on and carry some other heavy things down the beach.  Honestly it looks pretty fun and interesting.  I think the warm up will be the hardest part, especially on about 4.5 hours sleep.

Once I have done my part of this course I’ll get my video up here, maybe I’ll even be in it!  That would be cool, a promo video for something that includes me!

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