Sunday, June 30, 2013

Long Weekend Warrior

Finally I can run without major pain in my right knee or in my left Achilles Tendon.  It feels like it has been months since I could run free of discomfort, oh right, that because the last time I ran pain free was back on April 22nd!

This week I have managed to run three times now, Friday after work this morning and just now late this afternoon.  I find that this is what long weekends have become for me a veritable marathon of activity.  For instance since I came home from work on Friday I have run three times for a total of 13.5k and done two big bike rides.

This morning’s run was back in Jackson Park with my work out buddy Sarah, she’s not quite a speedster yet, but we’ll get her there.

with Sarah

Yesterday I decided I would ride all the way out to Buckhorn, which is a 53k round trip!  I have borrowed the bike my dad used to ride all around Ireland and while I’m not as avid of a cyclist that he is I can go pretty good on a bike.  The trip took me just under 2 hours to complete.


This morning I rode pretty much over to Lakefield and up toward Peterborough and back, just shy of 23k. 76 Kilometres of biking in two days is none too shabby if I do say so myself.


Of course there was a workout on Saturday morning as well and two hours of Karate, very awesome.  I made sure to track most of that stuff on Endomondo and what not and see how many calories I burned and such.  I did decide today that any day where I go over 30k I am entitled to ice cream from the place here in Bridgenorth.  Not sure if I will do that every time, but when I burn 2000 calories exercising I have to get them back somehow!

Today is also the last day of the first half of the year, so lets check in on some of the year long goals I set.

2013 Goals at the Half Way Mark

50,000 pushups 

Status: Honestly, this one can still be done, but I am bored with it!  So many pushups!  As of right now I have done 24,460!  Just barely shy of where I would need to be at this stage of the game.  I know I have the ability to do it, but do I have the patience?

Run/Bike 2000km

Status: I’m on pace to do about 2500 if I can keep it up, it will be hard in October-December to bike though since I don’t have a gym membership anymore, have to be sure I get the kilometres in while I can. So far Running 382.65 Biking 902.924, numbers that will crush last years!

Bench Press at least 230lbs.

Status:  Check – I think I did this in early February

Complete a 1/2 marathon.

Status: Done back on April 28th, and the cause for my slowdown in running because I hurt my Achilles as I mentioned earlier today.

Complete a Try-a-tri.

Status: Modified – Dad and I are entering a Triathlon that is a 4k canoe race, 20k Bike and 5k run. This takes place next weekend!  So this will get checked off then!


And That folks is how I have spent most of my long weekend, I also have decided to watch the Batman Begins Trilogy, last night was the starting, tonight is The Dark Knight, yeah!

How you are having a great and safe long weekend?

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