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I have only one single problem with what was an amazing movie.  Man Of Steel was so many things that I hoped it would be.  It was BIG, it has amazing fight scenes, it’s ‘believable’, as far as a movie about an alien coming to earth and becoming a ‘god’ can be.

Supes punches a whole lot of stuff which, as I mentioned ages ago, is pretty much what he does.  Batman is a surgeon, Superman is a blunt instrument.

But here is my issue.  But let me back it up a bit.  Superman has been around for 75 years and in the “classic” or modern interpretation which has been around since the 50’s or so I believe, Superman is supposed to be an inspiration, the embodiment of what humanity can strive to be.  He is a  “Super”-man, that’s the whole idea.  The pinnacle of that notion is that he does not kill, and does everything he can to protect the bystanders.

So In Man of Steel, there is a Massive fight between Superman and Zod.  The two of them absolutely destroy Metropolis.  I can understand that, they want to show how powerful these two beings are, so no big deal there, it’s part of what made the movie so huge in scale.  However, at the end, Superman kills Zod.  It is to protect people yes, but he does do it.  I’m having a hard time getting over it.  That’s not the Superman I grew up with for 33 years! 

I’ve heard some people say (well read it actually) that it’s just how it is now, that he’s been updated.  Or they did it to make him more human.  I just don’t get it.

So, I know you all know who Superman is, what he’s supposed to stand for even if you have never read a comic.  What do you think?  Does Your Superman kill?

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  1. I think he realized that Zod would never change and in order to save the human race from further damage down the road he felt like he had no other option. It kinda shows how much he has become part of the human race himself. Personally I felt like they needed a bit more humor in the movie. And I miss the old Zod, at least the British accent