Sunday, May 26, 2013

Achievement Unlocked: Top Speed

It’s been about a month since I ran my 1/2 marathon and finally I am able to run again with a minimum of pain.  I think it’s actually a bit more perceived now than actually being pain.  The chiropractor figured I probably have a bit of tendonitis in my Achilles on my left leg and that it will probably take about six weeks to go away fully.

I think it’s sped up a bit due to the fact I have also been sick for that same month, going from a chest cold to some serious sinus problems.  Never has one person been so full of snot for so long and headachy and all that to go along with it.  I have not taken this many naps since I was unemployed!

All that said I managed to accomplish two things this week.  I have ridden my bike a lot with this ankle/tendon injury since it seems to hurt way less and on the holiday Monday I went for a long bike ride with my dad, he of the super expensive road bikes.  We went over 42 kilometres.  Then later in the week Amber, her friend Jenn and I rode almost the same route as my 1/2 marathon adding 19k and yesterday I rode from here to Peterborough, down to Lakefield and then home adding over 35 kilometres to my weekly total.  I also managed to run 2k earlier in the week and 5k today.  The total – 103.76k for the week!  Nice!

But that’s not the title.  I actually hit a new top speed and if I was in a car it was actually in an area I could have gotten a ticket for it!  Early on my bike ride yesterday I was going down a bit of a hill and got up to just over 60 km/h! (37mph)  Yeah on a pedal, mountain bike!  Pretty cool huh?

Now I have spent most of my afternoon passed out on the couch with the cat.


I’m *still* not 100%, I’m sure all this activity isn’t helping too much with ‘being rested’ and getting better.  But I can’t just sit and do nothing.

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