Sunday, May 5, 2013

Last Day For The WCP International Race weekend!

We’ve had five people race so far, I think that is all but one that said they would take part.  It’s a small group, but quality over quantity!

I’m just happy that people got involved and got outside and ran somewhere.  It’s something that here in my new life as Chris 3.4 (I just made that up) I think is really important.  I know a few of the people chose goals that they had never achieved before and that really excites me.  How can you know yourself if you don’t test the limits of what you can do?

Here are people’s times!


Chris 1/2 Marathon


Phil 5k


Sarah 5k

satu 2

Satu-Maria 15k
(Read About It)


Tara (a bit over) 10k

Still lots of time to get in one this, all day today, just run a distance and send me the picture!


  1. Does walking count? I walked 6 km this morning?? I haven't been doing that long of distance at that kinda pace for quite a while! I feel it everywhere :)