Thursday, May 16, 2013

Finally, I Can Run Again!

So two and a half weeks ago you might recall that i ran a half marathon.  In doing so I hurt my left Achilles badly enough that I was limping for about a week and in quite a bit of pain any time I had to stretch the back part of my leg.  The second week of that injury it was just sore to stretch it. 

Sunday I set out to run 5k and only made it 3 before I put the brakes on that endeavour due to the fact I felt the tightness in my leg.  I stretched some at home and decided that what I really need to do was stretch my leg a bit every day until it permanently loosens up.  It turns out that doing push ups and the position that your foot goes in while doing so is the *perfect* way to stretch out my Achilles, or seems to be to me at least.  So I’ve been back on the push ups and at the same time helping out my leg.  Nice.

Last night after work I did a few errands(which turned out fruitless – you can’t just get a couple cheques at the bank any more, and my new shirt was not ready yet), and then came home and ran.  I thought about stopping at 3k again, my leg did hurt a little bit.  Then typical me thought, no, I can do this, I can’t let this injury rule me.  So I went further, passing by the house again and completing my 5k run.  Has it happens, it was my fastest pace since the 5k Kms For Care race, and I finished in 22:55!  Any time I am over 13km/h I would consider that success!

This morning my leg is a little bit tight, but I don’t think any worse than if I had stopped at 3k.  Was it my smartest idea to just go all out and test my leg like that?  Probably not, but hey, I’ve got to build character somehow.

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  1. Hi Chris! I know this is hard for you to imagine, being the young un-wrinkly age you are now, but what you need to remember, whatever decision you make, is that you live with it when you're older. So, perhaps, think about how your decisions now will affect your fitness when you are 50 or 60, or even 70. I know a weightlifting guy who is 90!<< So we need to plan for that. :D

    ;-) Marion