Thursday, February 27, 2014

1000 Burpees & Riding The Bike

As I mentioned a little earlier this month I saw a twitter post of FitFluential a challenge to do 1000 burpees between about mid January and the end of February.  I of course love a challenge like that and decided to take it on.  Problem was it was at about the same time as I had sprained my rib muscles. So I had to wait to begin this challenge.

I started doing the burpees during the second week of February and last night rattled off 175 during commercial breaks in Arrow to complete the set. This was a challenge that I was not about to fail as it was a relatively simple one, especially if I had been able to use the whole time frame to get it done.

This week so far I have ridden the spin bike at the gym for 40 Kms!  I decided to do a bit more bike riding this week simply because my gym membership is over on Friday and while I have bought a treadmill which means I can run at home even when the weather is nasty I can’t ride a bike anymore.

Riding a spin bike is painfully boring but I have found that podcasts instead of music make the time go by a little faster.  Fatman on Batman or Hollywood Babble-on make the stationary Kilometres go by a bit faster, but I bet a get a few odd looks when I am laughing at what is being said.  Oh well.

This weekend will be spend with the usual of playing hockey and doing karate but also with setting up the home gym again, possibly for a few weeks in the basement since winter doesn’t seem to want to let go yet!

Have you been given a fitness challenge that you just had to get done?  What was it and how did you do?

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  1. They have TVs attached to the treadmills, bikes & elliptical at my gym. I turn it on Top Gear reruns on BBC America and I know people have to look at me funny since I'm always cracking up! On the plus side...time flies!