Sunday, February 23, 2014

I Bought A Treadmill

I have finally become one of those people that actually has more than just weights at home.  You and I both know I like to run, and that running in a rural community in the winter in Canada is difficult.  The opportunity came upon me to get a treadmill for the low low price of about $200!

I leapt on that chance even though I probably won’t use the machine until next November.  Spring is coming here and I have a week left at the Wellness Centre so I’m hoping that I won’t have to use my new treadmill just yet, running outside is soooooooo much better than running on a machine.

I’ve also been neck deep in @FitFluential ‘s 1000 burpee challenge.  The idea was to do those 1000 burpees before the end of February.  I heard about the challenge in mid January but with that pesky rib injury was unable to get started on the whole thing until we were into the 2nd week of this month (or so) now, 175 burpees to go.

I only have one week left at the gym, I’ve got to make the most of it.  I can do almost all of the gym exercises here at home and I totally got my $200 worth out of the gym this winter.  My hope is to be there at least twice between now and Friday, maybe three times.  I really want to go out with a bang and be able to carry over the momentum to resuming my home gym workouts!

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