Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Time Is Running Out

It’s February 11th and I only have a few weeks left on my four month, let’s not run outside, gym membership!  I feel like besides being sick a couple of times I have made great use of these four months.  Even the last couple of week with the muscle sprain in my ribs I was at the gym just to ride the spin bike and do a few more isolated exercises.

My only concern is that as of right now there is about 2.5 feet of snow everywhere! And when March comes I doubt it will be warm enough or melted enough that I desire to run outside or workout in the garage!

I might try to extend my membership for another month, it seems like the practical thing to do really, but I don’t know if they even allow that.

In the meantime my goal is to get back up to running at least 12k a week.  With the rib injury I took almost two weeks off running and my body was not a fan of that when I hopped on the treadmill again last week.

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