Friday, February 28, 2014

Money Well Spent And Even More Money Well Spent!

I ran on my new treadmill for the first time last night. For a home gym it was certainly money well spent.  I did discover that there is a difference between a home treadmill and a gym treadmill though.  You have to re-learn how to run on a treadmill because I guess the gym versions have more horsepower or torque or a better surface underneath the tread.

If I ran like usual on my new treadmill every couple of step it would catch, or drag or something, I’m not quite sure how to describe it.  But I would have to catch my step as the tread would slow down for just a second. So I had to learn to run with ‘soft knees’ the whole time and short steps. Doing these two things made it a bit harder to run, but it was easier than running out in the freezing coldness that outside was and it saved me 40 minutes of driving by not going to the gym. Totally worth the investment.

So not that this whole home gym thing is getting ramped up for the tail end of this winter and really in earnest for next winter my wife, Amber, went on the buy and sell board for the teachers and found a recumbent exercise bike for the low, low price of $30!   A recumbent bike would not be my ideal replacement for a gym spin bike or a real bike, but for home gym purposes, and for $30 I’ll take it and it’ll be great for next winter!  Literally I have everything I need now to not sign up for a gym membership next November!  And my basement just became a bit more like the Batcave.  It’s got computers and monitors (TV) trophies of past conquests (all my medals and karate belts) and not a built in training facility!  All I need now is a butler and a kid side-kick.

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