Saturday, March 1, 2014

Last Day At The Gym

Yesterday was the last day of my four month gym membership.  I’m a bit sad about it since there is still thigh deep snow and slippery sidewalks out here in Bridgenorth.  I was hoping that by this time I’d be able to run outside a bit more comfortably.

With the acquisition of the treadmill here for at home this last week I focused on things that I wouldn’t be able to do once my membership was over.  This meant that most of my time was spent on the spin bike since I do not like riding my bike out in the freezing cold and I don’t have a stationary bike yet.

While I’m kind of glad that my gym days now do not require a twenty minute drive each way, I will certainly miss the whole atmosphere.  Coming to the gym is an experience that just can’t be re-made at home.  I found last summer that it was a bit more difficult to really push during a strength training session at home as compared to the gym.

This year I do have a good plan as far as weight training goes and running is running, once the weather warms up at least.  So I’m pretty pumped about it, especially nixing the drive to and from the gym.  Here’s to working out at home!

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  1. At my gym we do some funky moves on the treadmill- side shuffle, incline at the highest and walk backwards- try it if you get bored with just running forward.