Monday, March 31, 2014

Running Man

So I know you are wondering, where is the real content?  Well to be fair the weather here has sucked.  I think I have said that a few times.  But yesterday!

I woke up and checked the temperature, Zero Degrees.  it was a bit dreary out, but it was above freezing and so out I went.  I’m just running on the back road for now.  The side walks here are still covered in ice and sand.  So running out from my place to Holden Rd. and back is about 5.5K.  This has been my spring time route.

I have run it maybe 4 times now, but the first few I didn’t time myself.  Last Sunday when it was –10 I ran it in 26:42.  Not great, not awful.  Yesterday morning I was 26:03!  Nice right?

Later in the day yesterday two things happened.  I got a massive headache for one.  Like the kind that comes up from your neck and makes you wish you could snap your noggin right off. But also it got beautiful out!  Sunny, no clouds 10 degrees!  The kind of day Superman dreams about when he’s low on energy.

I decided that I would be a huge hypocrite if I didn’t get outside again.  I knew that some exercise would cure my headache anyways.  This time I was in shorts and a long sleeve shirt instead of pj bottoms and a t-shirt and hoodie, with earmuffs and socks on my hands. (yeah I’m totally fashionable when I run in the cold)!

But feeling run of the year so far.  The warmth of the sun finally coming down and all that.  25:39 for time too.  It was fantastic.  It makes me want to RACE!

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