Sunday, March 23, 2014

I’m Running No Matter What

It is March 23rd.  There is still snow everywhere, it was snowing yesterday in fact.  It is –10C outside. At 7:45am the sun is just coming over the treetops.

I am running.

I have been sick and a bit lazy this week.  I do not enjoy being sick and when coupled with this everlasting winter I am not in a very fitnessy state of mind.  Especially when it comes to running.  Yes I have a treadmill in my basement and I have used it quite a few times.  But it’s not the same.  Sometimes you just want to get out and be let off the chain a little bit.

Yesterday Amber and I went and saw Divergent, a pretty cool movie.  At the theater I always want popcorn.  I’m not sure why, I always feel icky after I eat it.  So I had popcorn and a pop, and then we had a rather modest dinner I would say.  But I came home feeling fat.  Like bloated, like I had eaten too much for too many days this week.  Looking back I am not sure that was actually the case, but I felt like it.

So as I laid down to bed last night I told myself that no matter what, I’m running outside tomorrow.

That is how I found myself in sweats and a hoodie (and t-shirt under, and sunnies and earmuffs, with socks on my hands because my mitts are at work) running up the road this morning just after 7:45.  Last time I ran was a couple weeks ago and it was +10C and it was great, though I was a bit over enthusiastic and pulled muscles in my legs.

This time the air burned my lungs and mouth for being so cold.  My nose and face where numb.  My tummy was freezing on the way back with the bit of breeze blowing at me.  But it was GREAT.  I felt good. 

I want winter to be over so badly, because I want to RUN again and be able to enjoy all of it!  This week, I’m running outside, no matter what!

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