Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Do something difficult!

I LOVE getting a new program at the gym.  I love it because Jodi seems to delight in making my life at the gym difficult.  When you have a trainer that pushes you to do something so exhausting, but has the confidence in you that you can do it, it's fantastic!

As I have explained to people before I only meet with my trainer when it's time to get a new program, so I've only met with her about 16 times since June.  Today I think was my best day at the gym in weeks, while my last program was not "easy" it was getting boring. 

Today I left feeling like I had accomplished something, I was drenched in sweat and remarking that Jodi must be insane to treat me this way - which means she's doing her job well.

There is a great satisfaction that can be taken from doing something that you find hard to do.  If everything was easy, or if all you did was easy things, how satisfied with you life would you really be?  I know that I'd be pretty disappointed if everything came easy!

Do something you find difficult, accomplish the task and find out how fantastic you feel afterward!

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