Friday, December 17, 2010

Let the break begin

Today is the first day off after the most stressful semester I have had at school so far since my return to academics.  I think I did pretty well all things considered.  I did have a few distractions from school this fall like getting married, earning my black belt, taking on extra work in tutoring at Fleming and the additional outside of class time work that the toddler program demanded.

I'm glad the semester is over, but I'm really happy that my main group of friends grew to include a new person this fall and that we all did really well, especially on the big 'real world' type of assignments.  I'm a bit sad that we won't all be together again next semester.  I'll miss coming to school and seeing everyone all week.  I'll miss the teachers too.  I think some folks create an 'us vs them' mentality when it comes to their teachers and look for as many faults as possible.  Don't get me wrong we had one teacher whose methods I could not stand at all!!  But by the end she was not so bad really.  I hope the folks in my class have host educators that they can get along with easily for their block placements.  Somehow I can envision a few of the girls not getting along just for the sake of creating drama, some people always have the mentality that life is out to get them.

I have so much nothing I want to do over the break, get out my guitar again and learn something new, I've been able to borrow my cousin's snowboarding stuff and I hope to try it out a few times, play some hockey, go to the gym and work, karate and of course to cap off my break is the cruise that Amber and I are going on.  I'm so excited for that! Eight days cruising around the eastern Caribbean and five places to visit, it should be fantastic!

I hope all my ECE ladies enjoy their break as much as I do!

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