Thursday, December 9, 2010


I had a discussion with my wife the other night about time.  Where my time goes and hers as well. It has sparked me to recall a few other conversations I've had with people over the last 8 months or so about my time an how much of it they think I must have.

I don't have any more hours in a day than anyone else, but I make my own time for things.  Over the spring and summer that time was made for the gym and karate.  Through the summer I worked full time plus a part time job, I attended events with my wife (then fiancĂ©e) and friends.  I was at karate all my usual hours, I made time for the gym.

In the fall I started back up at school again, due to being on second career I cannot make over a certain amount of money each week, but I work at 2 jobs, have loads of homework, do lots of housework, attend karate, practiced on my own time and was at the gym. I also added in hockey Saturday nights and really getting in the swing of helping to plan a wedding.

Now the wedding is done, but homework the last two weeks has been crushing all while doing the same things mentioned above.

So do I have oodles of free time?  No.  But I make time to do things that I enjoy.  And I have suggested to people that they do the same, Amber was one of those people last night, and other times.

If you don’t make the time to do things that you enjoy, those things will always get pushed out of the way.  I make time to go to karate and to go to the gym and play hockey.  I make it by really working on my (home)work and other things that need to get done at other times so that it's done to my standards and is not in the way of me doing the things that I enjoy.

Find something you like to do. Write it on your schedule in pen, plan the extra work you need to do around it. There are going to be difficult choices about what you'll have to give up to fit things in, but  you have to make time.

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