Tuesday, December 21, 2010


You may not know it to look at me, but I have be injured so many times over my 31 years that it's amazing that I still am in working order.

The spots marked in red are sites of severe injuries, some of which were just downright nasty..  others come with a pretty good story.  I have of course had many of these injuries nag at me for a long time the most notable of which is my shoulder.

The shoulder injury
Back in 2006 I believe it was we were doing throws at Karate, and after some hip throws and such we moved on to sacrifice throws which look something like this:
Now, this might look pretty scary, and if you are unsure of what to do it would be, I however had no trouble with this until I began to tell my partner what a great job they were doing mid-flight.  And since my brain was thinking about words, it forgot to think about what had to happen to have me land safely on the floor.  So instead of doing a nice roll or break-fall, I came straight down on my shoulder.  The sound I heard was horrific!  I'm not sure if anyone else could hear it but it was sort of a wet crunching type sound.  Lovely it was, made all the better in that I had to spring up and pretend it didn't happen so as to not scar the kid I was working with for life.

The Knee
Each of my knees has been hurt, more than once.  But the best one was of course the sledding incident.  Growing up outside of Buckhorn we lived in the woods with a bit of a hill on one side of our house.  Part way down the driveway there was a bit of a natural path between the trees and this was an excellent spot to take the GT down the hill.
I was about 13 or 14 at the time I believe and a friend an I were out sledding that day. At this point I was a bit too big for the GT and my knees stuck out on either side.  I was hurtling down the hill when the front ski, the one that steers, lost contact with the snow.  Being unable to steer on a wooded hill is not the best thing that can happen, especially when your knees stick out.  My right knee caught a tree, turning all my forward momentum into a spinning motion.  I exploded off the sled, screaming in agony.  I'm sure I swore, and I'm sure that this was the only time I didn't get any trouble for it.  My knee swelled up to twice the size, full of blood.  I spent time on crutches, my doctor drew black blood (because it wasn't getting any oxygen) from the knee.  I was told to stay off it and rest...  I played hockey the next weekend.

The Nose
Anyone who knows me at karate knows that I've had my face kicked a couple of times, but that's not the good one.
We were building our first house, I was 7 I think and to pass the time and stay out of my dad's way I was riding my bike on our little turn around street.  I was weaving my bike back and fourth at a pretty good clip I assume, because when I hit the rock everything went pear-shaped. My bike stopped moving forward, I did not.  The front wheel and the attached handlebars work fantastically as a fulcrum, and I hit the ground face first.  I cupped my hands over my mouth and nose and ran up to the house and did what any kid does went they hurt themselves, I found my mom.  "What happened?!" she asked.  In reply I removed my hands from my face, a full two handfuls of blood spilling to the ground!  "I fell".  There was a trip to the hospital after that and I had huge black eyes for days.

I think that's enough for now...  More to come.

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