Sunday, December 16, 2012

Back In Action

And overdoing it.

So I have been sick for like two weeks almost.  As I wrote earlier I was wiped out by the flu and am still not 100%.  But when have I let that stop me before? Never! 

Wednesday I went to the gym and set all new highs for my 6 rep max set on leg day.  Thursday evening and Friday morning I played goalie and then yesterday I went to the gym and set all my highs for my six rep max on arm day (benched 195 six times), then karate, then a game where I played goalie and a game where I played forward.

This morning I am up at this ridiculous time and I have no idea why, and I am all stuffy and sore throaty again. Boo.

It was nice to pretend I was fine for a few days I guess, but not really in my best interest.  It very much looks like my goal of running 40k in December is not going to happen, but we’ll see, a late month surge could fix that.


  1. So interesting that you did that well when you were sick. I wonder how great you're going to be when you're 100% again! Great bench pressing!

    :-) Marion

  2. I hope you feel better soon! I'm feeling stuffy & sore throaty now...wonder if we can pass germs thru the computer...?;)