Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Morning

Here we are, Christmas morning and 4am!  We meet pretty much every year, this time however I’m convinced it’s because I am sick and not (totally) because of excitement.  I’ve been up like the each of the last few mornings.  It’s a bit annoying.

Santa has come by our house already though and piled some presents under the tree, I’m hoping he was nice to me, I know he was nice to Amber!  I’ll let you know how it all turns out later today.20121218_165502

Talia likes it under the tree


She likes to sleep on presents too

I’ve given myself a bit of a fitness gift already by going to the gym Sunday and benching 200 pounds!  Nice!  I’ll be at my goal of ‘my old weight’ in about six weeks or so I think.  I went for a run yesterday morning as well, just 3km, which brings the December total only up to 15. Ugh. 40km is not going to happen unless I get better like right now.  This being sick really sucks.

Last night Amber and I constructed our gingerbread house, but this year instead of buying a kit from the grocery store I made all the gingerbread myself here at home!  It’s pretty awesome.  Except for my decorating skills.  My part of the house looks like the cat was trying to do the work.


My Side


Amber’s Side

Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?  Did you already open your gifts?  Was it awesome?  Did you get a Wii U?  Seriously if you got a Wii U let me know, we’ll be gaming pals!


These are the desserts I was busy making all afternoon on Sunday.  Pumpkin Pie, Apple Pie and the non-house gingerbread cookies.  Yes, Snow men and a tree to go with the house, Mario and Batman.  And Christmas Dinosaurs.  We don’t have any cookie cutters, but we do have a dinosaur sammich cutter, so I used that.

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