Monday, December 17, 2012

Friend Making Monday - So, How Was 2012

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Twelve in 2012

1. What was your greatest personal accomplishment in 2012?
I think my greatest accomplishment this year was coming second in that zombie race back in September.

2. What’s the best thing your did for your health?
Just keeping on the same track as I have been I think.  I do a lot of things for my health and fitness and they all add up, there were no big game changers this year.

3. Share one thing that caused a significant change in your life this year.
We moved out to Bridgenorth.  A much bigger and nicer home, with a bachelor apartment down in the basement for some extra income.  All that was a pretty big change.

4. List a few things that you experienced for the first time at some point over the last twelve months.

A huge 12 course meal at a super fancy restaurant in October for our anniversary
Being in a race with thousands of other people (even if it was only a few hundred at a time) at the Warrior Dash and Run For Your Lives
Biked more than 50k all at once

5. What was the coolest place you visited?
I didn't really go that far this year.  Going to Ottawa was cool, and we did some neat things but nothing outrageous.

6. If you could change one thing about the last year what would it be?
I would change the back and forth process of selling our house.  We ended up settling anyways so I would have been nice to move in just that little bit earlier.

7. What is the best meal you ate this year?
Amber and I had two really nice meals this year.  One at Barbarians and one at Altlier.   Barbarians was an amazing steak and potatoe and veggies type meal and as I already mentioned Altlier was a great 12 course dinner.  Hard to say which was better since there were such different experiences.  But if I had the chance I would go to  Barbarians again.  Like once a week.

8. Tell us about a new friend you made.
Um. Technically I guess I really made friends with Carly this year.  We knew each other in school and when I put in my two cents worth before her interview here all I knew was that she did good at school.  But now I think it's pretty safe to say we are pals.

9. What did you hope to accomplish this year that you did not?
Well running 40k in December doesn't look promising, but I think in general I did most (all) the things I set out to do this year.  I can't think of anything off the top of my head that I didn't make happen at least anyways.

10. Share something you learned in 2012.
I learned what TIL means, just yesterday.  I learned that I cannot put it upon Amber to get to the gym or whatever even when she says she likes encouragement and whatnot.

11. Share an odd and unexpected thing that you experienced this year.
I was interviewed three times at the tail end of the summer.  For fitness twice and once for coming in 2nd at the zombie race.  It was all really unexpected and pretty humbling to be having people think I'm great and all that.

12. How do you think 2013 will differ from 2012?
For starters we are going on a cruise in March and that will be awesome!  I'm going to run in my own Race at Your Own Place and do a 1/2 marathon distance.  I don't really think much else will be different really,  but I'd say a trip and running double the distance I am used to is good enough for starters.

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  1. So do tell....what does TIL mean?

  2. Yes, I also have no idea what TIL means. Guess I'd better goggle that one! It sounds like you've had an amazing year and are continuing to make strides I'm sure you never imagined you'd be making years ago. Must feel awesome!