Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Running In The Winter

So far running in the ‘winter’ has not been so bad.  It’s only snowed a couple of times here so far and none of it has stayed on the ground for longer than a day or two.  In fact running in the cold while it is snowing is actually nicer than just running in the cold.  For some reason it seems warmer when it’s snowing.

What I really don’t like about running at this time of year is that it’s dark by the time I head out at about 4:30 if I am running after work.  It’s nice that it is not blistering hot like in the summer, and if I am a bit stuffed up when I start about five minutes in that is no longer a problem.  There are good things about it.  If this is going to the the routine all the way through January and February thought I think I need to get another pair of track pants or something though.

I have also learned to accept that I just am not as fast in the winter as I am in the summer.  More clothes and weight, slipperier slide walks and such add on to the time, but I’m dealing with it.

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  1. I am actually faster in the winter if you can believe it. That said, I also have to pack on layer after layer after layer of yoga pants and shirts in order to convince myself I'll be warm enough. I almost always am but I'm still paranoid about it. They don't plow our sidewalks in my neighborhood so I'm at the mercy of the neighbors' shovels. I can tell you from the very mild winter last year that I'm in trouble if things pick up this winter!