Friday, November 30, 2012

November Goals Assessment and Other Blog Challenges

26 Think of a time when you felt like you were failing. What did you learn from this experience that helped you become a stronger person?

There have been many times in my life where I have felt like I was failing.  Not all of them include fitness.  Many of them include relationships and jobs and direction.  What I learned it that leading a good life depends mostly on oneself but it cannot be achieved without the support of others.  Make no mistake you personally will always have to do what seems like the heavy lifting, there are times you can do that alone, but there are many more times when you cannot.  Having good people around you makes the whole difference as to whether you succeed or fail.

27 Describe your most memorable meal.

It would have to be the 12 course dinner from Amber and my second anniversary.  It was really good food but very high end cuisine and weird.

28 Which 3 exercises would you recommend to a novice to improve their fitness level?

Cardio – jog, use the elliptical, vigorous and extended time doing jumping jacks or something.  Do something that gets your heart rate pumpin’ for at least 25 minutes every day.

Push ups – done well they build core and arm strength

Cycling – Go for a bike ride where there are hills and go at a pace where you are slightly uncomfortable

Basically all these are or can be free (most folks already own a bike as far as I know) and they will take you quite a ways into getting fit if you put enough heart into them.

29 How did you do on your November goals?

Here they are:

Find out what my max weight is for bench press

I did find this out for a six rep max is, 170lbs, more than my body weight, I’m actually quite happy with that, my new, open ended goal is my old usual weight 220lbs.

Run at least 40km (this is only a goal really because I’m thinking that a lot of it will be on the treadmill due to weather

I ended up running 45km, not a long long way, but more than the minimum of my goal.  I did miss running during the middle of one week while I was a bit under the weather so I am glad I made it.

Fit into my calorie goals on myfitnesspal (chrispy47) minimum 90% of the days.

Done!  I have been within my calorie goal every single day this month, but probably not today with a work Christmas party (early I know).  so 29/30 96.7% Success.

30 What are your goals for December?

    1. Run 40k
    2. Run three times during the Christmas break
    3. Bench Press 180 or more
    4. Maybe some more later.


  1. Hi Chris! I love bench press goals, and yours is very doable for you. Remember a great psych up immediately before each bench press set. Hyping yourself up and believing you're a *superstar!* can easily get most people at least a 10 pound improvement on their bench press. I've demonstrated this several times with various guys at the gym. When they followed my psych up recipe, they all were quite happy with their immediate improvement for bench press.

    Everyone needs support. I keep trying to explain to my blog readers that they should be going to the gym or fitness class or group instead of exercising solely by themselves. Part of the lifestyle change involves the fun and support of other people.

    :-) Marion

  2. Man, you really hit the ball out of the park! Great job!

    And I really liked what you wrote about friends helping you get through the heavy lifting; I discovered that myself over the past year.

    Thanks for taking part in the blogger challenge!