Monday, November 26, 2012

Dear Santa

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Dear Santa

List at least ten things that you may or may not need that you’d love to find under your tree this year!

This list might actually be mostly stuff I get, Amber asks for a list for my birthday and Christmas each year and she picks and chooses from that so here it goes.

  1. The Avengers on DVD – I’ve purposely not bought this in order to leave the gift option open.
  2. Paper Mario: Sticker Star – Games in the Paper Mario series are always great and this one looks to be no exception!  Would make a nice game to play on the way to London (Ontario) to visit her mom right after Christmas.
  3. Comics – DC is putting out volumes of their new 52 series.  I only get two books monthly, Batman and Nightwing, so get The Flash volume 1 or Superman volume 1 or a few others would be great.
  4. Under Armour shirts – like the on in the picture to the left there.  I have ripped a couple of mine on barbed wire doing the Run For Your Lives and the Warrior Dash.
  5. Scribblenauts Unlimited – For Wii U, I did buy a few games already at lunch of the Wii U but this is one that has escaped my budget and it looks very neat. (It’s also for 3DS)
  6. Superman New 52 figure – yeah it’s a toy, but I got the Batman one in October and one should have the World’s Finest!
  7. Under Armour Hoodie – I got one a while back and it’s an awesome sweater! Very comfy!
  8. Mittens – working at daycare I am outside for at least a couple of hours each day, gloves just are not warm enough
  9. Funny toque – Amber has her own collection and last year I got a Ninja Turtle toque, so it would be neat to get something else.
  10. Massage gift card – I can always use a massage and really it’s in our budget every other month, but I’d take that as a gift anyways!

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  1. I just left daycare. I understand what you are saying about gloves not being warm enough. I too like mittens for that. I need gloves for driving.. but when with the kiddos.. I liked mittens.

  2. Resisting the urge to buy Avengers is pretty tough!!! I hope you get it. It was an awesome movie and we had to buy it the second it came out. Now that I'm thinking about it we should have done the same thing and waited so we could add it to the christmas list!!