Thursday, November 1, 2012

Fitness Goals For November

So as much as I sort of rebelled at the end of my last month long blogger challenge I’m about to pick up another one.  I think, however, that for the most part I’m going to condense some of the daily posts into kind of a 2 for 1 or 3 for 1 type of thing.  Mostly because sometimes my answers to the topics are really short, or because I have a better topic on hand.

The first one here I will do as a stand alone, but I think that after meeting with Jodi later today these goals might change a bit because I feel like I need a challenge at the gym and who better to help me out with that than the trainer I have had for over two years?

At the moment though my goals would be as follows:

Find out what my max weight is for bench press

Run at least 40km (this is only a goal really because I’m thinking that a lot of it will be on the treadmill due to weather

Fit into my calorie goals on myfitnesspal (chrispy47) minimum 90% of the days.

Maybe there will be an update to this before the end of the night, we shall see.


  1. Did your goals change after meeting with your trainer?

    I'm all up for consolidating posts too ;)


  2. Oh yeah, I forgot to update this. No, not really. I think the 6 rep max is a good idea though, maybe better than a 1 lift max since I don't have anyone to spot me at the gym