Monday, November 5, 2012

Friend Making Monday: Ten Things To Be Thankful For

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Ten Reasons To Be Thankful

  1. I have a fantastic wife
  2. I have a job I love
  3. I work with amazing people
  4. I have family that is supportive
  5. My friends are awesome!
  6. My body is healthy, strong and capable
  7. I was fortunate enough to be born in a great country
  8. I’ve been able to travel not only within my country but the world
  9. I’ve had teachers willing to put me in situations where I have had to learn hard lessons…
  10. I’ve been able to learn those lessons and do something about it!

Your turn!  Make your list and post a link in the comments below!



  2. It's fun to see how much these lists overlapped. I think at least 7 of yours were on my list (well, husband instead of wife). We all have a lot of stuff to be thankful for!