Saturday, November 3, 2012

Six Rep Max

Today I hmmmed and hhhaawwwed over going to the gym.  You see, I went to karate for a couple hours to start my day.  I think running on Saturday mornings is over, it’s dark and freezing and not really how I want to start my weekend to be honest.  So Karate from 9-11 and tonight I play hockey early at 7:15, and so I had a bit of a debate as to whether I wanted to go to the gym after karate or just go home.

Eventually after about two minutes of internal debate I decided that I would go.  I wanted to get started on my new program!  When Jodi and I ran through it the other day I was pumped to get going. So here it is in full:


First thing, Box jumps, the second biggest box was taken, and so it was either step down and use a smaller box or Batman-up and just use the bigger one.  Bigger one it was.  One the very first jump, I swung my arms to get some momentum and smashed my hand on the corner of the box.  Right on the meaty part of the thumb ‘thankfully’.  So now I had to complete my day with the equivalent of a charliehorse in my hand, great.

From there it was on to find out what my six rep max was for a few different arm exercises.  The idea was to start out with a lower weight and then add on in increments until I could only do six reps with good form. Here are the numbers, not bad and couple were surprising.

Bench Press (weight includes the bar): 160

Dumb Bell Single Arm Row: 70

Incline DB curl: 27.5

Seated Tricep Extension: 60

Seated Shoulder Press: 45

I forgot to write in my circuit time until just now, 10:10.50, I was aiming to have that under ten minutes, now I have a new goal to go for.

I’m pretty happy with the bench press, I’dlike to get that up to at least 180 though.

Next time at the gym it’s be max reps for leg things yay!


Challenge Day 3

What would you tell a friend who wanted to quit?

Quit what?  Smoking I’d say good idea!

Eating? Not thought through well enough.

Drinking?  Maybe keep drinking water, but they could drop other things if they thought it best.

Working out? If they had been at the gym for an hour or so already, then yes, if they wanted to give it up completely? Probably not a great plan.

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  1. I think I'll try your workout - looks like a good challenge.

    I hate jumping on that box!!! I once missed it and skinned my shin and my mean trainer said it was because I got lazy. ;)